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The Popular Shirt Dress Trend

Hey everyone How are you all doing? Happy Valentines day💓😘.
How are you all spending to
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Finally Back After 1 Year Break

Hey guys,Sorry I haven't been active. A lot of things with school, family, my laptop contributed to that inactive period.
But I bring good news, have made a lot of fashion illustration during the period and I can't wait to share them with you. Have also had the chance to learn sewing and made two outfits which I can't wait to share to you soon.
In the restart of my blog, will be doing something different and I promise to make it good. The blog will focus on the following below.
1. Posting of fashion illustration designs
2. Posting of sewing projects
3. Talking about fashion shows and award shows.
4. Talking of our favorite celebrity male and female fashion styles.
5. Latest African trends you could try
My schedule will be quite tight but I will make sure to post every week. I will feel encouraged and appreciated if you take your time to comment and share to others.Thank you 😊.

The Golden Globes and What Your Favorite Stars Wore

7th of January was quiet a very big day for our favourite celebrities. It was the day we get to see them in wearing either Gucci, Chanel and all other big names in Fashion industry. Even tho I wasn't able to watch the red carpet on that day due to the issue of light in my county Nigeria, I was able to see some beautiful, amazing dresses on Enews through instagram.

These year's golden globes had the colour theme black. The men look hot, dashing and yummy, while the ladies were just working it out but all in all, the dresses were amazing.

Pictures of what your favourites stars and what they wore are below.

oprah wore Versace to the red carpet of the Golden Globes awards. I heard according to her speech she plans on running for president in USA for 2020.

6 Top Places In The World I Wish to Visit as A Nigerian Fashion Blogger

Ever had to put down a place in the world you will love to visit either by yourself or with love ones? Yeah, I have but it isn't just one place. I have several but narrowed it to 10 amazing and unique places which i wish to enjoy with my family. All these places have something to do with fashion, beauty, buildings and scenery of the place.
There is a 60seconds travel program that always done on CNN, although it good but doesn't give the feeling of when you are there.
1. Paris

Paris being the capital of France and origin of fashion, love and French cuisines (will love to try). You cant wish to visit an area without at least knowing some of their languages or how they communicate with each other. Thanks to secondary school in Nigeria where students are taught French, i learnt a few and still remember some, especially counting in French.
It isn't a surprise that most people wish to visit Paris especially we ladies, to be able to visit and dine at the Eiffel tower, inscribe ou…

2017 Trends That we all Love and DIY for Someone on Budget.

Hey everyone, how have you all been doing since my last post of new year goals? Have you been able to come up and list your own goals? If so make sure to comment on the last post using these link @new year resolution or goals.
So as i promised in the last post to update regularly, am also adding to get at least 20 followers by the end of the month.
To make this blog an interesting one, i will make sure to include all my followers and give them an easy access to chat with me both here, email and social media pages.

The year 2018, has started in full and we cant wait for the new trends to start popping up on the streets and we fashionistas to find a unique way to rock the trend. As we wait for that to start coming up we will try to look at the 2017 trends that made us love fashion more and made us to be noticed by people around.

Off Shoulder
Cold Shoulder
micro pleats
romantic ruffles

Off shoulder

Even if it has been a trend in the year 2016, the off the shoulder trend ha…


Wow…I am so happy we all made it into the year 2018. It feels like it was just yesterday we all wished each other a happy new year and now we are saying another happy new year again and it wouldn’t be our last. There are so many things to be thankful for the previous year. Even if you are religious or not, we still have a lot of things to be thankful and grateful for 2017.
So we begin the journey of 2018. There is these tradition people make before the New Year begins and it a very common thing among us all, that is NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.
I was reading some previous New Year posts of bloggers in the past and learnt that we shouldn’t give ourselves resolutions which we know will never achieve, so why not set goals you wish to achieve before the year runs out. These goals should be written out on something you know you can never miss once you wake up from sleep and before you go to bed.
You should have in mind that setting goals for one’s self and writing them down is one big step in ac…

Lizzy Designs Illustrated is back

I call this outfit the multicolored collar gown and i know you can see why ;). So let me know your thoughts on this outfit in the comment section. Thank you.